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Tell me how I'm doing with Isaac! If you have any problems with his characterisation, hit me up here and I'll be sure to address it. Comments screening is on, anon is on, ip logging is off!
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Seeming: Darkling Servant OR Beast (tiger moth or bat) - possibly deliberately blinded
Role: radio operator/spy? living recorder? (like the Eternal Echoes?) darkling tracker or beast who was forced to hunt by sound only in order to survive and was at first unable to discriminate between harmless (and therefore easy) changeling prey and more dangerous mythical animals
Abilities: AS A RADIO OPERATOR/LIVING RECORDER: able to play back voices and background noise; unable to play back music of any kind, a magical limitation given to him by his keeper. may have lost (or had taken away) his own voice in the process; can no longer remember what it sounds like.

able to perfectly record and recall the sounds of a scene he bore witness to. used to be able to imperfectly record visuals before he was blinded in a heated battle his Keeper forced him to witness in person in order to record a victory.

AS A BEAST: skilled at using sonar to map out his environment in both forms, but not in extensive detail (echolocating the same way animals would). able to transform into his animal form, obviously! supernaturally good memory for voices - keeper used giant moths + bats the same way other keepers would use falcons

AS A DARKLING TRACKER: supernaturally good memory for voices, skilled with echolocation - deliberately blinded by his keeper to force him to improve his skill at tracking via sound. as a result, is able to pinpoint and distinguish heartbeats, breathing and sound specifically caused by movement to an uncanny degree within his hearing radius
Reasoning: dude's a musical villain with magical violin-playing powers and he loves music! MUSIC AND SOUND IS HIS JAM IS WHAT I'M SAYING also he built a giant resonator to move a city out of time and. things. his whole theme is related to music even his stupid themed car and his unfortunate name

First Memory: The sound of classical music played on a violin.
Another Five:
Being in prison for an extended length of time.
The colour blue associated with musical notation.
The sound of children laughing.
Jay Garrick, the first Flash - emotional association includes amusement, a wistful, nostalgic feeling and mild but amiable annoyance.
The Shade - emotional association includes fondness, amusement. Same nostalgic feeling. A strong pull towards wanting to see this person again.

IC contact

May. 31st, 2012 02:53 pm
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"Ah, hello.

You've reached Isaac Bowin. If I'm not here, feel free to leave a message for me."

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Isaac is able to hypnotise people with his music and make them do basically whatever he wants, IT IS PRETTY GOOD FOR HIM

So yeah if you want to plot stuff that involves his musical hypnosis talents hit me up here or on AIM <:
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NAME: Ruka
AGE: i'd prefer not to share!
JOURNAL: [livejournal.com profile] blitzbrained
IM: RukaCactus on AIM
PLURK: n/a
E-MAIL: you can reach me p. much anytime on rukafais @ tumblr, and also revolvingdoorofcrazy@gmail
RETURNING: yes, i play one character, Peacock from Skullgirls

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